POWERUP FAQsCategoría: CORE-GAMEIs spending a reaction point to exchange places with an ally allowed ?
Yves-Arnaud Jouret ha preguntado hace 3 años

Let’s consider the following situation : one of my allies has 1 movement point left and is on an adjacent square to my character. If he decided to move toward my direction, he would logically push me 1 square away in the chosen direction as 2 characters can’t occupy the same space (please confirm this). Would it be possible for me to spend 1 reaction point and move 1 space toward my ally at the same time he is moving toward me ? if so, it would logically lead to an exchange of places for both characters. What do you think ?

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BugMistress Staff ha respondido hace 3 años

It is true that it is a good tactic: D but we had not anticipated it that way. When you perform the movement action is done completely, that is, you can interrupt with your reaction points between actions but not within an action. I do not know if I explain myself.